Chicago River Boat Architecture Tours


The Chicago River Boat Architecture Tour presents your group with an in-depth, expert architectural-based river boat tour that delves into one of the most remarkable American cities today. Known for unique, daring, and historical architectural pursuits, it’s hard to cover all of the design and building treasures that make up the Windy City today. If you’re ready to learn more about the designs, people, and innovations behind these creations, throw on your captains hat and get ready to cruise along the Chicago River and see what architects from around the world travel to see in Chicago.

Chicago is known around the world for its architectural feats, both inside and outside of the buildings. From the 100-year-old Art Deco, Neo-Classical, and Gothic Towers, to some of the tallest modern-day skyscrapers, Chicago is where old meets futuristic architectural endeavors. It has something for everyone in a way that no other city replicates today.


Tour guides are either architects, architecture students, or architecture historians, making for an in-depth and personally rooted kind of touring experience that covers all of the discreet details.


There are a variety of uniquely different tours that cover everyone’s individual taste. The Chicago River Boat Architecture Tour that takes you down the famous Chicago River, and several different options such as Architecture, History, Jazz/ Cocktail Cruises and Firework Viewing Tours.

Chicago River Boat Architecture Tour:

When in Chicago, cruising down the Chicago River is  a must. You’ll be taking in the architecture of the buildings that line the beautiful river. Detailed explanations of the construction and history of over 50 significant buildings, wrapping up at the end of the river.

Chicago River Boat Jazz and Cocktail Tour:

Sunday Nights for Chicago’s Only Jazz Cruise! Be immersed in iconic Chicago Jazz while cruising the historic Chicago River! Live Music by internationally known jazz guitarist, Geordie Kelly & his band. The Chicago style of Jazz came out of both the Mississippi Delta and New Orleans “Dixieland” style with pioneer musicians like Louis Armstrong & King Oliver creating its unique sound. The scene is very active today with numerous Jazz clubs, local talent and the hugely popular Chicago Jazz Festival!

Lake Michigan Navy Pier Fireworks Cruise:

Fireworks, one of the Four Great Inventions of ancient China were invented in the 12th century. Chicago approved City-Wide Use of Fireworks on the 4th of July 1893,. Mayor of Chicago Patrick Eugene Prendergast issued a proclamation approving the use of fireworks to celebrate the World’s Colombian Exposition and to celebrate the nation’s 117th Independence Day. This fascination with fireworks, noise, and color continues today. The City of Chicago offers a fireworks show at Navy Pier on Saturday nights at 10:15 p.m. The Fireworks Cruise sails on both the Chicago River and Lake Michigan each Saturday at 8:30 pm.

Tours run daily:

Chicago River Boat Architecture Tour: (90 Minutes Long)

10 am

11 am


1 pm

2 pm

3 pm (History Tour only) *Friday thru Sunday*

4 pm

5 pm

Chicago River Boat Jazz and Cocktail Tours

6 pm (Cocktail w/bar)

6:30 pm (Jazz Band, Cocktail w/bar) *Sunday Only*

8 pm (Cocktail w/bar)

Lake Michigan Navy Pier Fireworks Cruise (2 Houors Long)

8 pm (Wednesdays)

8:30 pm (Saturdays)

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