Digital Marketing Analytics Matter To Your Business


29 percent of marketers in the US say that marketing analytics has helped them grow their organization’s sales revenues by as much as 26 percent. Additionally, 54 percent of companies using customer analytics have seen their profits grow considerably.

It is important to monitor the impact and return on investment (ROI) of the marketing efforts for which data is collected. This data, with the help of data analytics, can be used by companies to make favourable buys across different channels. … By measuring the optimization, the company can improve their performance.

A rule of thumb:

small businesses earning less than $5 million in annual revenue should spend about 7-8% of that revenue on marketing. According to the SBA, that money should include both brand development (website, blogs, social media, etc.) and direct promotion (advertising, sponsorships, etc.)

Why use Digital Analytics to Understand Customer Behavior?

Digital data are not just a bunch of numbers. They are the digital footprints of your customers. … Digital analytics is even more important now as the value of the brand decreases the importance of direct customer relationships increases.

• Define your demographics. …

• Optimize customer engagement. …

• Improve customer retention and loyalty. …

• Optimization and performance. …

• Smart Decision making. …

• Better insights through data visualization. …

• Improved content marketing. …

  • Reputation Management.

No matter what aspect of marketing you want to measure, there’s a tool to help you track it. Analytics is probably the most highly-touted feature for use with online marketing. There is access to so much data, so many metrics that… we’re drowning in it.

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