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Glen Rose, Texas is the perfect hub and spoke location or a great stop on the way to Dallas (1.5 hours away) or Fort Worth (one hour away). Glen Rose welcomes bus tour groups to enjoy and explore the breathtaking scenery, quaint downtown and sweet southern hospitality that could only belong to the Dinosaur Capital of Texas. Bursting with more fun, delicious meals, shopping and amazing museums and parks than one could imagine, Glen Rose is the spot for bus tours coming to northern Texas.

As a part of Texas Hill Country, the scenery of Glen Rose is bound to take one’s breath away. The surroundings alone suggest that Glen Rose is an old-fashioned hideaway for groups in search of respite. Check out Big Rocks Park for some relaxing outdoor water fun in a unique and beautiful setting. While it may be difficult to pull one’s eyes from the glinting Paluxy River, groups who do come in from the beauty and excitement find wonderful surprises throughout town.

There is a lot of flavor packed into Glen Rose’s quaint streets. Restaurants serving barbecue, Mexican, Italian, Chinese and American fare provide delectable meals for travelers. Try The Green Pickle Beer Garden for juicy hamburgers and Shoo Fly Soda Shop for handmade milkshakes and vintage candies sweet enough to make visitors jump and jive.

The mom-and-pop stores of Glen Rose provide a tremendous amount of unique shopping opportunities. In the square alone, shops sell truffles, home décor, fashionable clothing, art, antiques, jewelry and more. The good ole southern hospitality found at each stop is free, though.

What is a Dinosaur Capital without the dinosaurs? The good folk of Glen Rose would not know, because between Dinosaur World, Dinosaur Valley State Park and the Creation Evidence Museum of Texas, there is a plethora of dinosaur exhibits to explore. With a playground, prehistoric museum and animatronics, Dinosaur World has something for everyone. To follow dinosaur footprints left in the mud, groups venture to Dinosaur Valley State Park where sauropod footprints are found along the river. Check out the public dinosaur excavations, which occur once a year for a week, at the Creation Evidence Museum. The Creation Evidence Museum also has exhibit on display, such as the Noah’s Ark replica.

For more fun educational finds, stop at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center to feed a giraffe, spy on a cheetah and much more. Do not forget to stop at Barnard’s Mill Art Museum. Added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1982, this museum is a must-see for art enthusiasts and fans of historic buildings.

For a hub groups will love to “spoke” about or for a sublime stop on the way to one of Texas’s bigger cities, add Glen Rose, Texas to an itinerary.

Learn more about the quaint town of Glen Rose by visiting, phoning (254) 897-3081 or downloading the app Explore Glen Rose – available on iTunes and Google Play Store.

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