How to use Social Media to Fill Tours


Do your upcoming group tours still have some empty seats? As you probably know, group tours have a lot of moving parts and sometimes it can be tricky to fit everything together perfectly. This quick roadmap will help you put butts in seats and create lifelong brand advocates.

During the Sales Process

Perhaps your upcoming group tour still has a couple of seats to fill, how can you quickly spread the word? Using social marketing is key to getting the word out quickly and efficiently.

1.  Create an event on Facebook. You can set up an ad for this event page.

2.  Build a post and advertise it to a select target audience. Here are target tips:

3.  Invite existing tour members to share the post you created in #2 above. Sharing the info to their own personal page will spread the word to their own friends and family – perfect new tour participants.

4.  Create a short video highlighting the sights and experiences of your upcoming tour. Post this socially and on your Web site. Check out how to use video to reach your audience.

5.  Create a separate Facebook group for members of each tour. It is a great way to share information and ideas with everyone. You can even post the itinerary and other documents.

Chinese Groups?

If you are working in the China inbound sector, or would like to, WeChat will be your best tool to build relationships and help tour members stay in the loop. Here is more info about China’s social marketing opportunity.

After the Tour

New friendships have formed and group tour participants are thrilled with their trip experiences. Once you have returned from your group tour, keep that momentum and buzz going by:

1.  Keeping up with the conversations in your Facebook group.

2.  Build a Milestone page on Facebook and post photos from the tour (Make sure you have permission from all tour participants to use photos you have taken during the tour.). Tour participants can also post their photos on this Milestone page. It becomes an archive and memory builder. Plus you can use these images in future marketing.

3.  Create a Facebook photo album, Pinterest board, Instagram story and Twitter moment to showcase the group experience. These archived memories can become selling tools for your next group adventure.

So many powerful ways to stay top of mind and build relationships for your next tour using social market­­ing. Keeping your group in the loop is not only strategic, it is easy. Whether you are looking to simply save time or if you are wanting to help build community for your group tour members, these ideas are simple to implement. The long-term impact is that you are on the road to building stronger relationships with your clients and you have extended your reach to a broader audience.



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