Okay, Get Cocky


A lot goes into bus tour planning. You know it. We know it. It is the research, the weather forecasts, the scouts, the marketing, the nightmares of empty bus seats and then – finally — the tour itself. You wrestle with all of it, so that your tour group does not need to say “Cheese.” They are already grinning like it is their first day of retirement. You did that. Now brag a little.

Show the world the fruits of your labor with Bus Tours Magazine. We want to publish your bus tour photographs. Pictures of your group, favorite attractions or both can shine from the pages of our magazine. All you have to do is send them our way, and we will select some for publication in a new section of Bus Tours Magazine called Bus Tour Photos. No matter the size of your operation, all planners are equal here, so do not be shy.

Qualifications for being a part of Bus Tour Photos are simple. Snap pictures that are at least 1,500 pixels wide or 300 dpi. Slap them into an e-mail addressed to editorial@busmag.com. Make the subject, “Bus Tour Photos,” and tell us a little about yourself and your company. Tell us where the photo was taken, and let us know what you and your group thought of the attraction, lodging or wherever the setting may be. Make sure to give us your name, too. This information will be used in the publication, though it may be edited for print.

It is just that easy.

Entrants retain the rights to their photographs. Bus Tours Magazine can reject publication of any image if deemed inappropriate, of poor quality (undersize, blurry, etc) or due to limited space. Bus Tour Magazine doe not guarantee that everyone sending photos will have their images published. Tour planners only, please. No advertisers are allowed in Bus Tour Photos. By sending photographs, entrants give Bus Tours Magazine permission to print both the included information and images.

No that the legalese is out of the way, go take some pictures, you super star.

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