TABASCO® Brand Factory Tour and Museum – Avery Island, Louisiana


The punchy flavor of TABASCO® brand hot sauce should be the first clue that groups attending TABASCO’s® tour in Avery Island, Louisiana are in for a multifaceted and vibrant experience. Featuring bright-as-candy pepper fields, a booming salt mine exhibition, factory production, a restaurant, a gift shop and 170 acres of jungle oasis, TABASCO® Brand Factory Tour and Museum is one of the hottest stops for groups.

The self-guided tour at TABASCO® takes an estimated 1.5 hours. Begin in the TABASCO® museum where groups learn the history of TABASCO® sauce, the McIlhenny family, their company and Avery Island. Travel past greenhouse peppers, the factory barrel aging cooperage, the blending room and the bottling line to see TABASCO® sauce in every level of production. At Avery Island Exhibit, visitors learn why this natural salt dome is the best place for manufacturing pepper sauce. The Salt Mine Experience puts guests in a safe rendition of the same types of mines that have helped TABASCO® season 195 countries over the years. The TABASCO® Today exhibit brings guests up to date on all things TABASCO®.

Groups can also partake in guided tours of the TABASCO® grounds. Louisiana historian and author Dr. Shane Bernard leads this two-hour tour, providing “inside” information and in-depth historical details otherwise unavailable. Planners must reserve group tickets two weeks in advance for this educational tour. This historical tour costs $200 for groups of up to 20 people. Any additional group members will raise the price by $10 each.

For an additional fee, groups can explore the Jungle Gardens. This botanical garden and bird sanctuary is just as serene as the Spanish moss, which sway from the sturdy oak branches. This semitropical stretch of land is alive with dazzling flora and fauna. Amidst the towering bamboo, azaleas, deer, camellias, languid alligators, snowy egrets and more is a glass shrine atop one of the Garden’s seven Hills of Knowledge. Inside this shrine, a statue of Buddha reposed upon a lotus flower overlooks a body of water at the base of the hill. Enjoy every second of the 1.5 hours it takes to tour the Jungle Gardens. This is truly a place to catch one’s breath.

Make sure to finish any tour with a stop at TABASCO Country Store® for mouth-watering samples and TABASCO® merchandise. For bounties of authentic Cajun and Southern comfort food — all flavored just right with TABASCO® brand seasonings, visit on-site restaurant 1868.

TABASCO® Brand Factory Tour and Museum is open every day, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

For more information, visit, phone (337) 373-6139 or join #TeamTABASCO at Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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