Update: Chicago “Party Bus” Ordinance


Bus” Ordinance In the March/April 2018 issue Bus Tours Magazine reported on Chicago’s “Party Bus” Ordinance, which states buses transporting 15 or more passengers must have a security guard and cameras on board if passengers intend to drink alcohol on the bus or visit a location that serves alcohol. Those scheduling school field trips or youth group outings will be pleased to know the ordinance’s security guard requirement will not be enforced provided passengers remain dry during their trip. On October 12, Rupal Bapat, deputy commissioner of Chicago’s Business Affairs and Consumer Protection (BACP), explained in an e-mail, “The ordinance only requires that a security guard be present if the bus is transporting at least 15 passengers and there is an opportunity for passengers to drink alcohol on the bus or at an interim stop. Because school-aged children are under the legal drinking age, and if the trip prohibits chaperones from drinking, there would be no opportunity to drink alcohol on the bus or between stops and therefore, a security guard would not be required for the transport of school-aged children.” The removal of the security guard requirement should significantly lower travel costs for schools and youth groups. As for charter companies, Cherie Hime, executive director of the Midwest Bus and Motorcoach Association, recommends they add a clause to each contract that bars passengers from drinking or even carrying alcohol during field trips.

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