Warther Museum and Gardens

The Warther Museum and Gardens

Dover, Ohio

The Warther Museum and Gardens, located in Dover, Ohio is home to the World’s Master Carver, Ernest Warther, who captured the Evolution of the Steam Engine out of ebony, ivory, and walnut. Step back in time as you experience life in the 1920’s in the family home, stroll through original Swiss-style gardens, be amazed by Frieda Warther’s 73,000 piece button collection, and be inspired by the work of a genius by viewing his sixty-plus working carved models. The collection, deemed priceless by the Smithsonian, is one-of-a-kind, and people of all ages fall in love with the story of Ernest “Mooney” Warther. The one hour guided tour explains how, with only a second grade education, Mooney Warther captured the steam engine in these priceless works of art. 

The Warther Museum has several options, both for on-site dining and add-on experiences. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner can be served while guests are surrounded by priceless works of art. This experience is a wonderful visit full of combined visual and culinary delights. Our most popular experiential tour is the “Frieda Tour,” in which the carver’s wife, “Frieda,” takes groups through her home, teaches them how she created her button panels and gives information about her wide variety of annuals and perennials in her unique Swiss-styled gardens filled with more than 5,000 flowers. Frieda played a key role in Mooney Warther’s life, and she had hobbies all her own. Her button collecting started as a young girl, and she would spend the rest of her life creating a hobby as unique as her husband’s. 

The Warther Museum will be offering guided garden tours, going into detail about Swiss-styled gardening and the annuals and perennials on site inspired by Frieda Warther (great to add a small reception to be served in the shade outside). Another new offering will be our Swiss-themed reception: a Swiss-guide in dirndl will greet guests and make them feel welcome to our Swiss Valley and family lines from Switzerland by greeting them with a variety of Swiss inspired delights – cheeses, chocolates, and seasonal beverages.

Our 2018 events include “The Man Behind the Knife” exhibit, held during the entire month of May. This exhibit showcases the Commando Knives created during World War II by Mooney Warther and expresses the story of the man who carried them in the war and his post-war life accomplishments. November 10th through the 18th, 2018, will be the “25th Annual Warther’s Christmas Tree Festival,” which is always an inspirational way to kick off the season with over 100 pre-decorated trees and home decor that is a fundraiser for the Museum’s local hospital auxiliary. The decor fills all of the exhibit space and touring the museum while seeing the decor is always a wonderful way to ring in the holiday season.  

For more information about the Warther Museum and Gardens in Dover, Ohio, please contact Kristen at (330) 432-6947 or email kristen@thewarthermuseum.com