Nicholas-Beazley Aviation Museum in Marshall


Aviation history in Marshall, Missouri comes to life at the Nicholas-Beazley Museum through the telling of the story about the people and machines who made the town famous in the early 20th century.  Marshall was once home to the Nicholas-Beazley Airplane Company and the Marshall Flying School, the largest civilian flying school in the late 1920’s. 

The Museum’s collections and exhibits are separated into sections dedicated to the Nicholas-Beazley Airplane Co., the Marshall Flying School, World War I, Ole Fahlin’s propeller workshop, and World War II, with the biggest attractions being the aircraft that were designed and built during the first half of the 20th century.  The yellow and black Barling NB-3 is believed to be the last surviving complete NB-3, a plane that was built at the Nicholas-Beazley manufacturing plant that once stood in downtown Marshall.  Visitors can also see two NB-8’s and a TG-6 Glider. 

Updates have been made to the “hands-on” adult flight simulator which features the most current Microsoft Flight Program.  The Young Aviators section features an interactive control tower with the ability to communicate with the DC-9 cockpit to provide a glimpse of an actual working control tower, as well as video plane simulators and a variety of STEM activities. 

Visitors can expect to spend anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours in the museum.  After watching a short video, they can explore the museum at their own pace with an informative tour provided by a local volunteer. 

Nicholas-Beazley Aviation Museum
1985 S. Odell
Marshall, MO  65340 660-886-2630

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