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The Union Pacific Railroad Museum is excited to welcome bus tours once again when it is safe to reopen. Located in a historic Carnegie Library in the heart of Council Bluffs, the Union Pacific Railroad Museum covers over 150 years of railroad history, including the transcontinental railroad, the height of passenger rail, and the railroad today.

Five different museum experiences that are sure to delight any railroad fan, history buff, or culture lover are available for adult tour participants.  In addition to a memorable tour, bus tour guests receive a welcome gift and discount in the museum shop.  Each experience last about an hour. Go to www.uprrmuseum.org for more information and to book your tour today!

Union Pacific Museum experiences just for bus tours:

Classic Highlights Tour

This tour is ideal for the general Union Pacific fan and rail enthusiast. We’ll guide you through over 150 years of railroad history. Guests will see both floors of the museum and follow the Union Pacific Railroad from its founding in 1862, though building the transcontinental railroad, the golden age of passenger travel, all the way to the railroad today.

Hidden Histories Tours:

The Union Pacific Museum also offers tours in the “Hidden Histories” series for groups interested in something a little different. These tours will cover topics you won’t necessarily find on the museum’s walls. We’ll dig deep into history and share the stories behind the stories.

Hidden History of a Carnegie Library

Learn about the language of architecture and how much architecture can communicate about a building’s purpose, its place in a community, and the time in which it was built on the Hidden History of a Carnegie Library tour.

Hidden History of Wartime Railroads

Explore the Union Pacific Railroad’s wartime origins and the railroad’s subsequent close relationship with the military.

Hidden History of Death on the Railroad

This tour offers something for those more in the mood for something on the edgier side.  Guests will discover the grim business of 19th century railroading and learn about the tragic histories that created our modern railroad safety standards.

Hidden History – Crimes, Scandals and Scams

With this off-beat tour your guests will revel in the seedier side of the, and learn how the railroads ushered in the era of the con man.

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