Pennsylvania Trolley Museum


Take a ride into the past at the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum.

A visit to the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum is like taking a step back in time. Located in Washington County, the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum has been preserving the rich history of trolleys since its inception in February 1954. What began as a dream has transformed into a remarkable collection of 52 vintage trolley cars, a global community of over 600 members, 140 dedicated volunteers, and more than 38,000 annual visitors. Visitors are treated to a unique experience that includes a four-mile round trip ride on a beautifully restored trolley— a journey that offers a vivid glimpse into the past when trolleys were a lifeline for communities.

Your visit begins in our new 21,000 sq. ft. Welcome & Education Center that highlights the history of the trolley era and includes a large museum store, event space, a dedicated classroom that further enhances the Museum’s educational programs, and two galleries of exhibits. Our interactive STEAM-related exhibits, designed and fabricated by the Kamin (formerly Carnegie) Science Center of Pittsburgh in consultation with Museum staff, will delight visitors of all ages. Along with these exhibits, guests will enjoy an introductory video shown on our state-of-the-art, 8-foot tall by 15-foot-wide LED wall in our theater area.

The museum also offers self-guided exploration of various exhibits, ensuring that visitors can delve deeper into the fascinating world of trolley transportation. You will discover how trolleys influenced urban development, changed the way people lived and worked, and see the various challenges that came with their operation.

Visitors may also explore the restored 1908 Wexford Station and tour the Trolley Display Building that houses over twenty of our antique streetcars. Other attractions include a 33,000-brick paved street known as Volunteer Blvd, fountain plaza, and family play area and gazebo.

Beginning in 2024, we are proud to be a Certified Autism Center as designated by the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES), highlighting our dedication serving autistic or sensory-sensitive individuals and their families during their visit.

Please visit our website or call for more information. 724-228-9256

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