Bear Country USA


Nestled on over 200 acres amidst towering pines and rolling meadows Bear Country U.S.A. offers visitors intimate views of many of North America’s mammals. Visitors take a leisurely three-mile drive through several enclosures and will encounter black bear, elk, reindeer, mule deer, cougars, lynx, rocky mountain goats, bighorn sheep, wolves, pronghorn, and bison.  Following the drive through portion of the park, there is a ¼ mile Wildlife Walkway with other North American animals for guests to enjoy.  Approximate tour time is 2 hours, but can increase, especially during heavy traffic days (4th of July).

Bear Country USA is motor coach accessible with easy parking at the end of the drive through portion.  Located along US Highway 16 (the main route to the Mt. Rushmore National Memorial), entrance and exit is simple. 

Our park is found in the beautiful and picturesque Black Hills of South Dakota. Conveniently located near Rapid City, the Crazy Horse Memorial, and the Mt. Rushmore National Memorial, Bear Country USA is easy to find and experience. The Black Hills are also home to numerous parks, trails, lakes, caves, events, and sights unlike any you’ve ever seen before. There is no shortage of places to visit while in the area.

Bear Country USA is open every day during the season, but may close due to inclement weather, especially in the Spring and Fall. 

2024 Season Hours

April 26 – May 23: 9-5

May 24 – July 31: 8-6

Aug 1 – Sep 2: 8-5 (Closed at 4:00 Aug 7)

Sep 3 – Sep 30: 9-4

Oct 1 – Dec 1: 9-3 (Closed Thanksgiving Day)

Adult motor coach (majority over 12) rate is $20/person with a $500 maximum charge.  Child motor coach (majority 12 and under) rate is $15/person with a $350 maximum charge. Further information can be found on our website: or 605-343-2290.  Mention Bus Tours Magazine when phoning in for information.

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